WKU World Championships 2014

Members of Masters Wolf's Taekwon-Do Academies recently traveled to Crete as part of the England Kickboxing Team. Below is the report from

Report by Natasha Birks

The 2014 WKU World Championships were held our nations capital, London. The venue for the Championships was The Radison Blu in Heathrow.

Everyone had trained extremely hard for months on end in preparation of this tournament. I believe it is safe to say that every competitor performed to their highest standards. Not everyone won a medal, but the whole squad were winners for simply taking part in the 'WKU World Championships’.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side upon arrival at the venue. The rain fell over the Radisson Blu Edwardian as the England Team made their way to be weighed. With-in minutes people were stripping left and right; strutting their stuff on the weighing scales.

A day of relaxation was booked before the competition. The squad welcomed their day off with a warm embrace - unlike the miserable weather. The opening ceremony in the evening had everyone biting their nails in anticipation for the competition on the following day. 

The tournament took place in the Commonwealth Hall. It was a tight squeeze for the competitors, judges, spectators and all alike. As soon as oneself entered the hall, they were shrouded in screams, chants and an array of world flags.
There were many different branches of WKU through-out the competition. The England Team took part in Kickboxing points and continuous, Kumite, ITF patterns and team events. Well done to every Team England member that took part in the championships, no matter the result, everyone did really well and the team atmosphere and camaraderie was the best its ever been. 

Master Wolf was really proud of the squads performances. All new members of the squad did amazingly well and gained great experience.

On behalf of the squad members we would like to extend our thanks to Master Wolf and his coaching team, for all the organising and preparation in squad sessions which meant everyone was really well prepared and able to put in their best performance.  

The following is a list of acknowledgments and medals won through the entirety of the competition: 


Jackie Holohan Continuous Gold, Points Silver, Kumite Silver
Joann Rolison Continuous Gold, Points Gold, ITF Patterns Gold, Kumite Gold, Team 2x Gold
Charlotte Jones ITF Pattern Bronze
Victoria Keeble -60kg Points Silver
Kimberly Bradshaw +65kg Continuous Gold ITF Pattern Silver, Kumite Bronze, Team Gold

Stuart Arroyo -60kg Continuous Gold, Points Bronze, ITF Patterns Silver, Kumite Bronze
Aaron Ewart -60kg Continuous Silver, Kumite Bronze
Giovanni Marchese Continuous Gold, Kumite Gold, Team Gold
Ben England -65kg Continuous Silver, Points Silver, Kumite Bronze, ITF Pattern Gold
Jamaine Hemmings -70kg Continuous Gold, Team Gold
Jaie Lyons -75kg Full Contact Bronze
Daryl Owen -75kg Continuous Bronze, Points Bronze, Kumite Bronze
Chase Morton -75kg Kumite Gold, Full Contact Gold
Chris D’Jaelani -80kg Continuous Gold, Kumite Gold, Team Gold
Dave MacDonald -80kg K-1 Silver, -80kg K-1 Bronze
Rokas Zilionis -80kg Kumite Bronze
Thomas Raybould -85 Kumite Silver
Alex Kennedy -85kg Points Silver, Kumite Bronze, Team Gold
John MacDonald -90kg Continuous Silver, K-1 Silver, Team Gold
Adam James Team Gold
Adnan Rafique +90kg Points Bronze, Kumite Bronze, ITF Pattern Bronze

Female Junior
Nya Morgan -55kg Continuous Bronze, Points Silver
Julia Krupinska ITF Pattern Gold
Aysel Garip -60kg Continuous Silver, ITF Pattern Bronze, Team Gold
Nicole Follett +60kg Continuous Bronze, Team Gold
Katie Gillott ITF Pattern Bronze, Team Gold
Saffron Exton +60kg Continuous Gold, Team Gold

Male Junior
Keiran Hadley -45kg Kumite Silver
Connor Smith -50kg Continuos Bronze, Points Gold, ITF Patterns Bronze
Lewis Richardson -45kg Continuous Silver
Rocco Skert -50kg Continuous Gold
Aaron Cobley -55kg Points Bronze, Kumite Silver
Lone’er Kavannah -55kg Continuous Gold, Team Gold
Elliott Allen
-65kg Continuous Gold, Points Bronze, Kunite Bronze, Team Gold, Team Bronze
Joseph Wheatley ITF Pattern Bronze
Corey Scott -70kg Continuous Silver, ITF Pattern Silver, Team Gold, Team Bronze
Luke Wadsley -70kg Continuous Bronze, Team Gold
Luke Rothery Team Gold
Rizwan Rafique +70kg Points Bronze
Frankie Smith -70kg Kumite Bronze, Continuous Gold, Team Gold

Female Kids
Layla Birks -45kg Continuous Bronze, Points Bronze, Kumite Silver, Team 2x Silver
Natasha Birks -50kg Points Bronze, +50kg  Continuous Silver, Team Silver

Male Kids
Alex Chohan -30kg Continuous Bronze
Brandon Preedy -35kg Continuous Bronze, Team Gold
Bradley Grant -35kg Continuous Bronze, Team Gold
Max Whitley -35kg Continuous Gold, ITF Pattern Gold, Team Gold
Billy Scorer -45kg Continuous Silver, Points Silver, Kumite Gold, Team Gold

Mens Veterans
Wes Lucas -80kg Continous Bronze, Points Silver, Open Weight Silver
Darren Lucas +80kg Continuous Bronze

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