Sparring Seminar With Master Wolf in Ireland with IUTF Members

Sunday, 10th February 2013

On 10th February 2013, Master Wolf 8th Dan traveled to Ireland to conduct a sparring seminar, which took place at the training centre in Holyhill, Cork.  Master Wolf was invited over, by the Chief Instructor of the IUTF (Irish United Taekwon-Do Federation), Master Don Dalton, 7th Degree.

It was a great weekend, with amazing hospitality shown by the Dalton family, and also the members of the IUTF who took part in the session.

Master Wolf has been producing World Class competitors over the last 35 years and is currently the head coach for the WKU England group.  At the last world championships Master Wolf’s Squad came away with more than 20 World Champions, and over this weekend he was providing some insight in to how that success has been achieved.

Master Wolf was assisted by two of his students, who are also world Champions - Miss Lucy Wolf 6th Dan and Mr Jamaine Hemmings 4th Dan.

The seminar began at 10am with a thorough warm-up taken by Miss Wolf and Mr Hemmings. 

Master Wolf then covered some kicking drills in a sparring format emphasizing the importance of good technique and explaining how each technique could be applied and adapted. 

Participants were also given feedback on their sparring tactics and how they could use various techniques and the to suit their style.

Miss Wolf and Mr Hemmings then covered various counter attacking techniques and ideas, paying particular attention to defending against and getting around side kicks.

Master Wolf then took the class through a pad work routine, and demonstrated how everyone could generate maximum power from their kicks with a few minor adjustments to their technique.

Finally, Miss Wolf took everyone through a hip strength routine and explained how using the routine could benefit everyone’s kicks in terms of improved strength and height, and how they could develop the routine further.

All of the participants worked really well and gave 100% focus through the session and Master Wolf commented on the improvements made with only tiny tweaks. 

At the end of the class there was a group photo, and Master Wolf Presented some awards and certificates for achievements in tournaments.

Once again, many thanks to the IUTF and Master Dalton for hosting this event.  Special thanks to Master Dalton, Mrs Patricia Dalton and their family, for an extremely enjoyable weekend.

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