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Welcome to the website of Master Wolf’s Taekwon-Do Academies!

The Thanet school of Master Wolf’s Tae Kwon-Do Academies (MWTA) has been established for almost 30-years and over that time has become synonymous with success. Chief instructor Mr. Ted Wolf is a 8th degree Master – the highest-ranking Taekwon-Do instructor in the South-East of England. He has produced over 500 black belts over the years, as well as a multitude of National, International and World Champions – this success is unparalleled by any other club in the country.

MWTA clubs span the south-east of Kent and the greater London area, and the quality resonates throughout. The sessions are regularly attended by Master Wolf’s highly talented and qualified coaching staff,which include two current World Champions.

Master Wolf's Taekwon-Do Academies are affiliated to the ITF(INO#375)

Use this website to check regularly updated news and events, gallery’s and archives, as well as reading up about the extensive history of the Thanet club since 1976; Master Wolf; and his students.

The Thanet Academy’s ‘Wolf Cub’ program has been designed as a preschool to the main club, catering for children from 4-years old. The sessions are modified Taekwon-Do classes. The main focus is to provide a club that is fun, motivating and enhances all areas of the child’s development.

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